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Review: Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru by Tera Lyn Childs

Title: Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Published: 14 September 2015
Publisher: Entangled Crush
Source: Entangled via Netgalley
Reviewed: Sapphired Dragon
Rating: *** 3/4  

My Review:

What a great start to a new series by Tera Lyn Childs. I really enjoyed this novel.

Sloane and her Mother have moved to Texas after an incident that left Sloane in a whole heap of trouble back in New York. All Sloane wants is to go back to New York and her old life and resents her mother for moving her so far away.

Truman (Tru) is her next door neighbour and according to her mother a bad influence and not someone she want should be friendly with if she ever hopes to get back to new York. However Tru is not what he seems and he has secrets of his own and as Sloanes connection with Tru grows stronger, Sloane starts to question some of her previous assumptions.

Tera Lynn Childs first foray into YA contemporary is in my opinion definitely a success. In this fresh and sweet story, she has created characters that I care about and am interested in and want to know more about.

Whilst the book itself works as a stand alone within itself, Ms Childs also sows the seeds for subsequent books with threads that have been started and flow through the book creating the background tapestry and you just know ( or at least I am hoping) that they will form part of the frame work of subsequent stories in the series.

I loved the way Ms Childs drew both Sloane and Tru. With all her whinging to go back to New York, Sloane could have become very annoying very quickly but Ms Childs was able to balance the whininess with the thought and growth Sloane Makes during the novel.

As the reader, we learn some very big secrets Tru very quickly, which immediately makes him a sympathetic character rather than just the bad influence that Sloane believes him to be. This also helps the story along as we are rooting for the two them from the beginning which makes all the difference. The novel is also split between Sloane and Tru's point of views which also helps to round out the story.

The story itself is reasonably simple, straight forward and flowing. There are some twists but many will guess much of the ending in advance. However this is not so important. at least for me, as I had developed enough feelings for the characters to follow the rest of their journey and will most definitely be reading on in this series. This is however the main reason why I didn't give this story a higher rating.

With great characters and an enjoyable plot, I give this novel 3 3/4 stars.
Sapphired Dragon xx

About The Book:
Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru (Creative Hearts #1) by Tera Lyn Childs

When life gives you a blank canvas, make art.
Sloane Whitaker hates everything about moving to Texas. She hates leaving behind her friends and half her family in New York, starting over senior year at Austin’s NextGen Academy, and having to say she lives in Texas. Most of all, she hates that it’s all her fault. If she wants to earn her way back to the Big Apple, she has to prove she can still be the perfect daughter.
Which means no vandalism art, no trouble at school, and absolutely no Tru Dorsey, her serial screw-up neighbor, who loves nothing more than pushing her buttons.
But from the moment he vaults onto the roof outside her bedroom, there is something about him that makes her want to break every rule. Suddenly it’ s not the ten things she hates about Tru that are at the top of her list. It’s the ten reasons she doesn’t want to be without him.

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  1. I loved this book. I can't wait for the rest in the series! My heart broke for Tru so many times.

    1. I know. I am looking forward to the rest of the series also. Thanks for visiting :-)