Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bloggiesta 2015 - Sign Up Post and To Do List


It's been a couple years since I last participated in Bloggiesta  as I have a really bad habit of finding out about it usually after it has already started.  So this year it was great to find out about it early so I could participate from the beginning.  I have just been a bit disorganised about organising my sign up post. This is part of the reason why I need to participate in Bloggiesta in the first place :-P

So in August I decided its time to take my blog to the next level which means committing to more reading and reviews, more blog posts and getting more involved in the blogging community.  So in September I have been attempting to become more organised with my reading/reviewing /posting schedule.  Which makes it the perfect time for Bloggiesta.

Below I have put together just a few of the things I would like to accomplish during this years Bloggiesta

  1. Write 3 - 5 reviews - Wrote 2
  2. Post 3 reviews
    - Posted 2
  3. Post 2 blitz posts - completed
  4. Schedule 2-3 weeks of meme posts
  5. Organise my reading schedule for the October and November - completed
  6. Prepare blogging schedule outline for October and November
  7. Participate in 2-3 mini challenges
    - half completed
  8. Participate in 1 twitter chat - managed 2!! :-)
  9. Post a give away hop post - completed
  10. Visit 10-20 blogs and comment on them
  11. Follow at least 5-10 more blogs and 5-10 more bloggers on twitter, instagram and Goodreads
The scary part is I could probably add more to that list but I will hold off for now and see how I go. 

Are you participating in Bloggiesta 2015?


  1. Impressive list! Wishing you luck and Happy Bloggiesta!

    1. Thank you! Hope you have had a productive bloggiesta :-)

  2. I always find out about Bloggiesta just after it has finished it seems lol this year I jumped on board half way through, but that's better than nothing. It looks like you have a comprehensive list, good luck with it all!

    - Wattle @ Whimsical Nature

    1. I do that too! This is the first bloggiesta for a while where i have actually gone from beginning to end and actually knew about it before time! Hope you got everything you wanted done :-)