Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bloggiesta 2015 - Wrap Up Post #Bloggiesta

Well Bloggiesta 2015 is over for another and whilst I didn't get everything on my to do list done, I did still have a productive bloggiesta and learned a couple things along the way. 
  1. Write 3 - 5 reviews

    I didn't get as much reading done over the weekend as I hopped so I only wrote 2 reviews.  However that did put me up to date with my review writing so I was happy about that  :-)
  2. Post 3 Reviews

    Again I didn't do much reading but I did manage to post 2 reviews and again am currently as up to date as I can be.

    Review 1: Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru by Tera Lyn Childs

    Review 2: Ash & Bramble by Sara Prineas

  3. Post Blitz post

    This one I completed with a release week Blitz post and a chapter reveal
  4. Schedule 2-3 weeks of Meme posts

    Alas I did not get even one of these scheduled :-(
  5. Oganise my reading schedule for the October and November 

    This was a complete success with my review schedule now set out till mid November, complete (I hope) with time to read other stuff as well :-)
  6. Prepare blogging schedule outline for October and November
    Nope - Not even started unfortunately but having my review schedule done will certainly help in getting this organised
  7. Participate in 2-3 mini challenges
    This I managed, participating in:

    How to Build an Email List from Ashley at Nose Graze - getting more familiar  with my feedburner mailing list

    Clean Up Your Email from Aloi at Guiltless Reading - managing to get to inbox zero from 23000 emails

    How to Use Tweetdeck to Organize Twitter from Shannon at River City Reading   - This was the first one I did and I am so glad I did.  Finding using TweetDeck so much better than the regular twitter :-)
  8. Participate in 1 twitter chat

    Very pleased to say that I made two full chats and the tail end of a third.  Much better than previous Bloggiestas :-)
  9. Post a give away hop post

    This can be found here

  10. Visit 10-20 blogs and comment on them

    This one I failed miserably at :-(
  11. Follow at least 5-10 more blogs and 5-10 more bloggers on twitter, instagram and Goodreads
    I made a start on this one but not as good as I would like
What wasn't on my original list but I ended up doing was something I had been looking at doing for a while but it nearly led to disaster.
I decided to change my layout and in the process manage to lose EVERY SINGLE gadget from both my previous side bars.  I nearly had a heart attack.
In the end though it proved a blessing in disguise.  I now have only one side bar and as I have had to redesign it from scratch, not only have I learnt something but it is now much less cluttered and I have a few more ideas to add.
I have had fun this Bloggiesta, gotten to meet some new people and definitely think my blog is all the better for it.
Looking forward to Bloggiesta in 2016!

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  1. I think you made awesome progress! And I absolutely love Tweetdeck. It's so much easier than Twitter!