Sunday, 4 January 2015

Setting my 2015 Blogging Goals & 31 ways to Better Blogging 2015

Welcome to 2015 on Realm of the Sapphired Dragon.  After a fairly inconsistent last 12 months, both in reading and blogging, I am back and ready to focus on building this blog over the next 12 months to make it bigger and better as well as getting my reading mojo back.

So I have set myself a few blogging goals (so far) for this year:

  • Focus more on reading both for review and for pleasure and better balance between the two.  Last year between work and looking after my two year old, I found myself struggling to get any quality reading time and feeling guilty when i read for pleasure as I had a number of review books to get through.  This year I hope to plan my time better so as to be able to read review books and also read according to mood in between them when they don't necessarily correlate.
  • More organised with regards to blog posts. Last year I tended to leave posts to the last minute so there were weeks where even simple meme posts did not go up as I left it too late.  My aim this year is to plan out at least a week or two in advance and take advantage of the scheduler in Blogger so as to be able to post more consistently
  • Try and be involved in at least one blog tour every couple of months.  Depending on how this goes, I may up it to at least one per month.
  • Get more involved (re-involved) in the Blogging Community.  Again, due to real life taking over, I have found myself not as involved in the blogging community as I had been previously.  I plan do this by participating in challenges on other blogs as well as  frequently visiting, reading and commenting at other Blogs.
In an effort to start 2015 on the right foot, I have decided to participate in Parajunkee's 31 Days to Better Blogging 2015

The aim of this challenge is to help develop and improve our blogs overall which in turn could potentially increase traffic, keep that traffic as followers or at least frequent visitors  as well as making us (hopefully) more organised bloggers.  While I am a little late to the party given it is already 3rd January, I plan to start tomorrow, 4th January but will definitely tackle days 1,2 & 3 sometime before the end of the month.

Each Day is as follows and I will try and post a short post each day updating my progress with each daily task:

Day 1: Let’s Get Commenting
Day 2: Time for Spring Cleaning
Day 3: About Me Refresher
Day 4: Top Commentators
Day 5: Friendly Feedback
Day 6: Planning Ahead
Day 7: Highlight Your Popular Posts
Day 8: Recycle Your Posts
Day 9: Social Media Checks & Balances
Day 10: Email Signatures
Day 11: Forums & Such
Day 12: Menu Systems
Day 13: New To Your Blogs
Day 14: Your Competitors
Day 15: Idea Journal
Day 16: The Buddy List
Day 17: Gals & Missions
Day 18: Social Network…Go!
Day 19: Change it up
Day 20: Reader Survey
Day 21: Blogger Love Note
Day 22: Check under the SEO Hood
Day 23: Pros & Cons of Blogging
Day 24: The Big Interview
Day 25: Blog Schedule
Day 26: Share a bit…
Day 27: Target Audience
Day 28: Contact Info
Day 29: User Friendly
Day 30: Brainstorm Time
Day 31: Put your blog to the test.

What are your reading and blogging goals for 2015?  Don't forget to comments and let me know and have a great 2015!

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