Monday, 5 January 2015

Day 4 - Top Commenters: 31 Days to Better Blogging

Welcome to Day 4 of Parajunkee's 31 days to Better Blogging. So technically for me it is Day 1 however as I have started late, I am starting from day 4 and will catch up on days 1,2 & 3 before the end of the month.

Day 4 Task:

Your task today is to target who your top commenters are and reciprocate by sending a thank you email and commenting on their blogs.

This task makes me realise how much I can improve in this area.  I don't always take the time to visit my commenters blogs which is really is poor blog etiquette and one of the things I am striving to improve on.

Using a Top Commenters Widget I got from here, I have placed this into my Side bar and it has come up with my top commenters being:

  1. KtTurner (29)
  2. Amanda @Stuck In YA Books (25)
  3. Karen and Gerard (14)
  4. Tribute Books Mama (14)
  5. Grace Fonseca (14)
  6. Sandy Nachlinger (14)
  7. TeresaMaryRose (13)
  8. speculatef (12)
  9. quinnsbooknook (11)
  10. b_ls (10)
A big thanks to the above and anyone else who has commented on my posts as it is great to get feedback about my posts and I guess evidence that people are actually reading them.

Anyhew to say thank you, I have placed a Blog list in the left side bar of my blog with the blogs of the all the above commenters and my aim is each month to change the list to highlight the top commenters on the blog.

I am also currently working through all blogs and making sure to comment in at least one post  (but sometimes more) on each blog and this also I plan to try to make at least a weekly occurrence.

So that is day 4 done,  How did I do?

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