Saturday, 30 March 2013

In My Mailbox #58


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So thanks to real life, my blog had been a wee bit neglected these past two weeks as has my reading schedule though I did manage to finish With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent and should be posting my review later this week.

Still have managed to pick up a few books, both from the library and from netgalley.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter and/or break :-)

For Review(via Netgalley)

The Sweetest Dark(The Sweetest Dark #1) by Shana Abe

For fans of Lauren Kate and Libba Bray, The Sweetest Dark is filled with thrilling romance, exciting adventure, and ancient magic. Shana Abé brilliantly captures the drama of post-Victorian England, while unfolding a passionate love story that defies time.

“With every fiber of my being, I yearned to be normal. To glide through my days at Iverson without incident. But I’d have to face the fact that my life was about to unfold in a very, very different way than I’d ever envisioned. Normal would become forever out of reach.”

Lora Jones has always known that she’s different. On the outside, she appears to be an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl. Yet Lora’s been keeping a heartful of secrets: She hears songs that no one else can hear, dreams vividly of smoke and flight, and lives with a mysterious voice inside her that insists she’s far more than what she seems.

England, 1915. Raised in an orphanage in a rough corner of London, Lora quickly learns to hide her unique abilities and avoid attention. Then, much to her surprise, she is selected as the new charity student at Iverson, an elite boarding school on England’s southern coast. Iverson’s eerie, gothic castle is like nothing Lora has ever seen. And the two boys she meets there will open her eyes and forever change her destiny.

Jesse is the school’s groundskeeper—a beautiful boy who recognizes Lora for who and what she truly is. Armand is a darkly handsome and arrogant aristocrat who harbors a few closely guarded secrets of his own. Both hold the answers to her past. One is the key to her future. And both will aim to win her heart. As danger descends upon Iverson, Lora must harness the powers she’s only just begun to understand, or else lose everything she dearly loves.

Filled with lush atmosphere, thrilling romance, and ancient magic, The Sweetest Dark brilliantly captures a rich historical era while unfolding an enchanting love story that defies time.

Fall of Night (Morganville Vampires #14) by Rachel Caine

Thanks to its unique combination of human and vampire residents, Morganville, Texas, is a small college town with big-time problems. When student Claire Danvers gets the chance to experience life on the outside, she takes it. But Morganville isn’t the only town with vampire trouble...

Claire never thought she’d leave Morganville, but when she gets accepted into the graduate program at MIT, she can’t pass up the opportunity. Saying good-bye to her friends is bittersweet, especially since things are still raw and unsettled between Claire and her boyfriend, Shane.

Her new life at MIT is scary and exciting, but Morganville is never really far from Claire’s mind. Enrolled in a special advanced study program with Professor Irene Anderson, a former Morganville native, Claire is able to work on her machine, which is designed to cancel the mental abilities of vampires.

But when she begins testing her machine on live subjects, things quickly spiral out of control, and Claire starts to wonder whether leaving Morganville was the last mistake she’ll ever make...


By Midnight by Mia James

Goodreads | Book Depository

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris
Goodreads | Book Depository

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions Edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong
Goodreads | Book Depository

The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison
Goodreads | Book Depository

Wanted (Pretty Little Liars #8)by Sara Shepard
Goodreads | Book Depository

Ruthless (Pretty Little Liars #10) by Sara Shepard
Goodreads | Book Depository

So what was in your mailbox this week?


  1. The Princess and the Hound is a book I've been meaning to read for awhile now, but still haven't gotten to it. I hope you enjoy your books and happy reading :)

  2. The Sweetest Dark was awesome. I hope you really like it. Come check out my haul as well.


  3. So jealous you got Fall of Night! I adore the Morganville series. I'm sad there's only two books left.

  4. I am so nervous to keep reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. I have read most of it but, the rest have mixed reviews. I hope you enjoy your new books!
    Brittany @ Spare Time book blog
    My IMM:

  5. Enjoy, they all sound great, I need to get back into the PLL books!