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Review: The Rogue by Trudi Canavan

The Rogue by Trudi Canavan as reviewed by Sapphired Dragon

Title: The Rogue
Author: Trudi Canavan
Release Date: 5th May 2011
SapphiredDragon rating: ****

Synopsis: Sonea, Black Magician of Kyralia, remains deeply concerned about her son Lorkin, who has gone missing on assignment in the foreign land of Sachaka. Her problems at home remain as well, for there is a rogue magician on the loose, threatening the life of her friend Cery, leader of the Thieves.

Lorkin, living among the Sachakan rebels, does his best to learn about them and their unique magic. But the Traitors are reluctant to trade their knowledge for the Healing they so desperately want, and while he assumes they fear revealing their existence to the world, there are hints they have bigger plans.

In Sachaka, Dannyl has lost the respect of the Sachakan elite for letting Lorkin join the Traitors. The Ashaki's attention has shifted, instead, to the new Elyne Ambassador, a man Dannyl knows all too well.

And in the University, two female novices are about to remind the Guild that sometimes their greatest enemy is found within.

Review:  My first piece of advice is to make sure you read this book when you are not in danger of accidentally missing your bus or train stop or not going back to work after lunch because you have been drawn in to Canavan's world of magicians and have lost track of the time.  Because drawn in you will be!

While the start is a little slow, as Canavan refreshes readers on what happened in the previous book : The Ambassador's Mission, the story very quickly picks up pace and I found myself arriving at the last page much quicker than I expected.

The story picks up shortly after the end of the previous book and continues tthe threads of Sonea continuing the chase for the rogue magician and thief Skellin, Lorkin in the Traitor's sanctuary and Dannyl in Sachaka, along with a new thread with new characters and skillfully moves from one thread to another, weaving  each thread tighter to create a story by itself while leaving all threads poised to come together in the final instalment, The Traitor Queen

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, though as mentioned it came to the end far too quickly.  Canavan  creates a world of magicians and a society that you can truly get drawn into and characters that make you invested in what is happening and what will happen toi them next.

As it is the second in a set of three, it would probably be a good idea to have read the first before starting this and if you have read the Magician's Apprentice, this will also add to the enjoyment of the tale but is by no means essential to understanding thestory.

I definitely recommend this book to all Trudi Cananvan fans and the series as a whole to those looking for a new author to enjoy.

SapphiredDragon xx

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