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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway: Guest Post by Vivi Barnes, Author of Olivia Twisted

Welcome to the last stop, my stop, on the Olivia Twisted Blog Tour.  I am extremely excited to have Olivia Twisted author Vivi Barnes here today to do a guest post talking about the kids who live at Monroe street with Z and helping us all to get to know them a little better.  Read on also for details of the giveway (US Only) that has been organised by author and blog tour organisers as well as other bits and pieces to do with this awesome new release.

Now to hand the floor over the Ms Vivi Barnes as she tells about about the Kids of Monroe Street.

In OLIVIA TWISTED, Z and Sam begin “twisting” Liv to their way of life. She’s “unattached” (meaning no family ties) and computer-savvy, both of which makes her the perfect recruit for the gang of hackers living at Monroe Street.

Here’s an introduction to a few of the kids living and working at the Monroe Street Home for Boys and Girls, headed up by Nancy:

Z: One of the oldest kids at Monroe Street, he started up the “online division” when Nancy took him in years before. He’s always felt indebted to Nancy and the home for rescuing him from the path of trouble he was headed toward—fighting, creating malicious programs, etc. Which is interesting, because though Z is committing crime through online theft, he doesn’t see it as anything more than playing Robin Hood—robbing the rich to help the needy (the needy being the Monroe Street kids). He might come across as arrogant and cocky, but it’s a result of a hard life coupled with distrust of people in general. 

Sam: Sam is Z’s partner in crime and bubbly sidekick, though she doesn’t consider herself second to anyone. She doesn’t take much seriously—except for whatever concerns their grim boss, Bill Sykes. Sam’s motivations might not always be honest, but her easygoing, friendly personality makes it hard not to love her.

Jen: Jen is Z’s ex-girlfriend who still lives and works at Monroe Street. Talk about awkward. She hasn’t quite gotten over the guy who stole her heart then broke up with her, and when Z brings Liv to the house, she isn’t exactly receptive. When Bill reprimands Z for the mistakes Jen’s making on some accounts, Z believes she’s screwing up on purpose just to get him back.

Micah: Fun-loving and silly but incredibly talented, Micah is one of the brains of Monroe Street. He lives for a challenge and can create write programs to break through any system. He’s the type of person everyone automatically trusts. Just don’t leave your computer alone with him.

Cameron: He can get through almost any kind of locked door or window, not something used too often at Monroe Street though sometimes it comes in handy. Cameron is tall and built like a linebacker but very sensitive. He has a crush on Sam, but Sam unfortunately doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. She thinks he’s too paranoid about getting caught.

Author: Vivi Barnes
Pub. Date: November 5, 2013
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Pages: 352
Find it: Amazon, Barnes& Noble, Goodreads
He tilts my chin up so my eyes meet his, his thumb brushing lightly across my lips. I close my eyes. I know Z is trouble. I know that being with him is going to get me into trouble. I don’t care.
At least at this moment, I don’t care.

Tossed from foster home to foster home, Olivia’s seen a lot in her sixteen years. She’s hardened, sure, though mostly just wants to fly under the radar until graduation. But her natural ability with computers catches the eye of Z, a mysterious guy at her new school. Soon, Z has brought Liv into his team of hacker elite—break into a few bank accounts, and voila, he drives a motorcycle.
Follow his lead, and Olivia might even be able to escape from her oppressive foster parents. As Olivia and Z grow closer, though, so does the watchful eye of Bill Sykes, Z’s boss. And he’s got bigger plans for Liv…
I can picture Liv’s face: wide-eyed, trusting. Her smooth lips that taste like strawberry Fanta.
It was just a kiss. That’s all. She’s just like any other girl.
Except that she’s not.
Thanks to Z, Olivia’s about to get twisted.

About Vivi:

Originally from East Texas (the accent comes out more often than not), Vivi now lives in the magic and sunshine of Orlando, FL with her very understanding husband and three kids. She’s an extrovert with awkward blogging tendencies. Her debut novel, OLIVIA TWISTED, comes out November 5, 2013 from Entangled Teen!

You can connect with Vivi on Facebook,Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest. Or visit the official Olivia Twisted site at

She’s represented by Pam van Hylckama Vlieg of Foreword Literary.



A huge thanks to Vivi Barnes for stopping by and giving us the scoop about the Kids at Monroe Street. And thanks also to Rockstar Book Tours for allowing me to be part of the tour! Now read on to see how you can win an awesome t-shirt

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