Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lauren Kate Passion Signing and Giveaway


At 2pm Saturday 30th August, the Fallen tour, having already toured 3 Asian countries stopped at Max Webber Library in Blacktown for a couple of hours.  Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series featuring the books Fallen, Torment and Passion, came to talk about her experiences as a writer, read from her latest book passion and answer questions from the avid readers who had come to see her and get their books signed.

Photobucket I had netball until 2.15 so I literally ran straight off the netball court and up the hill to the library, getting there late at about 2.30/2.40.  By this time I had missed Ms Kate reading from Passion and the beginning of the talk but was in time to listen to her answer the questions that were being asked.

When I arrived Ms Kate was talking about submitting manuscripts and getting rejection letters and that the important thing in those weeks between submitting a manuscript and waiting for the rejection letter or not was to start writing your next project.  That way you could balance the lows of a potential rejection letter with the highs of writing and gave you some thing to so while waiting to hear back.

Photobucket   When asked about whether she ever got writer's block, Ms Kate mentioned that she probably got it badly at least once per week but that the way she got throug it was to keep writing and get through the half or full chapter even if she hated every word she typed.  The important thing was to keep moving forward only go back and fix things during revision.

Another useful tool, Ms Kate uses when struggling with writing a scene from Luce's point of view was to write the scene from the point of view of Daniel usually or occasionally one of the other characters watching Luce do whatever neede to be done in a scene.  That also provided her with other ways to access what Luce was thinking of feeling in a given situation as sometimes Daniel knew Luce better than the author.  So the extra bits that are sometimes at the end of Ms Kat'e novels are not necessarily deleted scenes but chapters where Ms Kate has employed this technique to drill down in to a particular chapter a little further.

After answering a few more questions, Ms Kate then proceeded to sign books and take photographs with fans. After heading down the ramp on the wrong side to everyone else, I ended up near the bcak of the line.  That was fine however as I got to chat to other fans sitting in the line.

PhotobucketAs I had some how managed to misplace my copy of Torment and then even stranger when going to buy a replacement copy, accidentally bought another copy of Fallen instead, I had 2 copies of Fallen and 2 copies of Passion for Ms Kate to sign.  I had two signed one of each signed to me and the others with just Ms Kate's signature and no personalisation.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Ms Kate was extremely friendly and nice and we had a quick chat about where she had travelled so far and the weather while she signed my books.  Over all it was a great day and I would like to thank Black town library, Random House and Lauren Kate for an awesome event.

I hope there are more like it in the future.

The Giveaway:

I have a signed copy of both Passion and Fallen to give away and all you need to do is to be 13 or over,  and fill out the form below.  You don't need to follow my blog but feel free to all the same :)  Competition is open Internationally with 1st prize being the signed copy of Passion and 2nd prize a signed copy of Fallen.  Competition closes Saturday 13th August AEST.

Good luck and see you on the blog :)

Sapphired Dragon xx

This competition has now finished
Winner to be revealed shortly


  1. OMG, you're sooo lucky to have met her! Too bad she's not coming to any of the bookstores near me :(
    I would love to meet her!!
    & Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love this series.

  3. Amazing giveaway! Thanks so much-I'm a big fan of Lauren Kate's. I would definitely be doing a review of this book on my blog if I got it :)

  4. cool! yay for authors who visit libraries! thanks for sharing your experience.