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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway : Triumph of Chaos (Red magic #3) by Jen McConnell @chapterxchapter @Jen_McConnel @Month9Books

Welcome today's stop on the Triumph of Chaos (Red magic #3) by Jen McConnel Blog Tour  hosted by Chapter by Chapter   Today's stop is a review as well as a chance to enter the great giveaway that is being run throughout this tour.


I enjoyed this series. It was a slightly different take on the previous sorts of witches/Gods books I have read and it was a welcome change. In particular I liked the way witches and magic was meshed with the worship of the Gods and I liked the idea of the different paths both intriguing and interesting.

This book, book 3, kept me interested right through to the very end. Even though I didn't particularly like Darlena at times, the story itself still kept me invested at all times and in the end I was sad to leave the world and the characters behind.

I found Darlena frustrating for a good portion of this book. At times, for all her talk about wanting to bring balance to the chaos, she seemed to spend more time talking than doing and re-acting rather than acting so it was satisfying to see her grow from book one through the end of of book 3.

I liked the other characters around her such as her mother, Izzie and the twins would love to have seen more of their stories. I particular Izzie and the twins. Their stories which whilst they were crucial to the plot of this story felt like they were still developing and I would live perhaps in the future to read more of their stories

Its rare that I devour a series as quickly as I did this one finishing all three books in a matter of days. This is a tribute to the story telling skills of Ms McConnel, who has a penned a story that is both original and compelling and had me glued to the pages to see where the story, and Darlena, would go and how it would all turn out.

It did however leave me with the feeling of wanting more. Darlena's story might be over for now but the world and the characters Ms McConnel has created will remain with you and make you not want to leave.

I enjoyed this book and gave it 3 3/4 stars

Sapphired Dragon XX

Triumph of Chaos (Red Magic #3) by Jen McConnel

Triumph of Chaos (Red Magic #3)
by Jen McConnel
Publication Date:  March 8, 2016
Publisher:  Month9Books

After the disaster in Europe, Darlena’s starting to get desperate. She knows the only way to
defeat Hecate and the other crazy Red Gods is by banding together with other Witches, but is it any wonder she has a hard time trusting them?

With Izzy’s support, Darlena begins making fragile strides toward repairing the mess she made,
but she just can’t catch a break. As chaos runs rampant around her, Darlena begins to think that things would be better if she’d never become a Red Witch in the first place. But there’s no way to change the past…is there?

The final book in the Red Magic series brings Darlena face to face with impossible odds, and a
terrifying choice.


A Michigander by birth, Jen McConnel now makes her home in the beautiful state of North Carolina. She writes NA, including the recently released Adventures Abroad series (Bloomsbury Spark), the award winning YA novel Beautiful Curse (Swoon Romance), and various other works. When she isn’t writing, she can be found on her yoga mat or wandering off on another adventure. Once upon a time, she was a middle school teacher, a librarian, and a bookseller, but those are stories for another time. Visit to learn more!

Author Links:  

The Red Magic Series

Daughter of Chaos (Red Magic #1):

Witches must choose the path they will follow, and Darlena Agara is no exception. She’s been putting it off long enough, and in her case, ignoring it has not made it go away. In a moment of frustration, Darlena chooses to follow Red Magic, figuring she had outsmarted the powers that be, since there’s no such thing as Red Magic. But alas, Darlena’s wrong (again) and she becomes a newly declared Red Witch.

Her friends are shocked and her parents horrified by the choice Darlena has made. As a Red Witch, she now governs one third of the world’s chaos. She is the walking personification of pandemonium, turmoil, and bedlam, just as the patrons of Red Magic would have it to be.

But Darlena believes there must be more to Red Magic than chaos and destruction, and she sets out on a journey to achieve balance. Only doing so puts her at odds with the dark goddess Hecate, who simply will not allow Darlena to quit. She encourages Darlena to embrace who and what she is and to leave good magic to the good witches. If only Darlena could, life would be simple, and she would not be the Daughter of Chaos.

DAUGHTER OF CHAOS is the first in a YA paranormal trilogy.

Gods of Chaos (Red Magic #2):

The gods of chaos cannot be trusted.

Since battling her best friend, Darlena’s grip on Red Magic has been shaky. She heads to Scotland after the Winter Solstice in search of another Red Witch.

On a sightseeing excursion with girls from her hostel, Darlena arrives at The Vaults, a mysterious underground city beneath Edinburgh. But there is something there that make Darlena’s instincts go haywire, as she lets loose a defensive burst of Red Magic, putting everyone around her in danger.

If there was ever a time when Darlena needed the help of another Red witch, it was now. But beware the witch who wields Red Magic

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