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Review: Hopeless (Hopeless #1) by Colleen Hoover

Title: Hopeless
Author: Colleen Hoover
Published: 19 December 2012
Publisher: Atria Books
Source: Library
Reviewed: Sapphired Dragon
Rating: **** 

My Review:

I knew after reading about a page and a half that I was love this.  The voice of the novel caught me right from the beginning and kept me committed to the story the whole way through.

As this was a guilty pleasures read, amongst a number of arc and blog tour reads, it took me a bout 4 days to read the first 100 pages sneaking in little bits here and there where i could then when I could finally turn my attention to it yesterday morning, I couldn't go to bed till I had devoured the last page.

Even over the fours days where could only read bits and pieces, I found my mind lingering on the characters and wanting to find out more. Even now nearly 24 hours after finishing it, I still find myself stopping and pondering parts of the novel and the characters.

I loved Sky's voice, I loved her perspective and I loved her fearlessness. However my connection to the character of Holden blew hot and cold there for a while as I didn't necessarily warm up to him right away and there were times where I questioned (just a little) why Sky let him get away with certain things but by the end I think I loved Holder's character as much as I loved Sky's and I am dying to get my hands on Losing Hope in which we get to find out more on Dean's perspective.

This is only my second Colleen Hoover novel so i still wasn't sure what to expect from her writing style which at times threw me a little but was extremely refreshing at the same time. I went in to the story a little bit blind as I didn't know too much about the series other than the general gushing that seems to accompany most Colleen Hoover novels - all well deserved from the two I have read so far I might add :-) I thought the pace was great and literally couldn't (and didn't) put it down for the last quarter of the novel. I did see couple of the plot twists coming but this only added to the impact of the story as a whole rather than detracting from it.

As mentioned, my first thought after finishing this novel was to immediate try and work out how I could get my hands on companion novel Losing Hope. Which for me is always a sign of a story and a world I don't want to leave.

I am so glad I reserved and borrowed this from the library and give it four stars!

Sapphired Dragon xx

About The Book:

Hopeless (Hopeless #1) by Colleen Hooper

Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies…

That’s what seventeen-year-old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder. A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before. He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of just one encounter, and something about the way he makes her feel sparks buried memories from a past that she wishes could just stay buried.

Sky struggles to keep him at a distance knowing he’s nothing but trouble, but Holder insists on learning everything about her. After finally caving to his unwavering pursuit, Sky soon finds that Holder isn’t at all who he’s been claiming to be. When the secrets he’s been keeping are finally revealed, every single facet of Sky’s life will change forever.

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