Thursday, 20 December 2012

On My Wishlist #9


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Dreaming of Zhou Gong by Traci Harding

Dreaming of Zhou Gong (The Timekeepers #1) by Traci Harding

Set in ancient China, DREAMING OF ZHOU GONG is a beautiful story of Hudan, one of the mysterious Wu who lives on the sacred mountain of Li Shan. The Wu have been living in isolation for decades while the Shang Emperor and his enchantress have ruled the land. It has been a terrible time for the common people and the noble Ji brothers are keen to bring the emperor′s arrogant bloodthirsty reign to an end. They believe an ancient prophecy has predicted the fall of the Shang emperor and they are keen to enact it, but first they must journey to the mountain and seek out the Wu.

When the Ji brothers join forces with the beautiful, enigmatic Hudan and her equally mysterious tiger sister, they begin a powerful journey of love and adventure.

But the Shang emperor is not their greatest threat. There is a dark curse that has plagued the rulers of the land for generations. And the mysterious Sons of the Sky who visit Hudan in her dreams have a plan to destroy it. Can Hudan trust them?

DREAMING OF ZHOU GONG is a beautitful, evocative journey through ancient China.

Publication Date: 1st February, 2013

Pre-Order: Galaxy Bookshop

Comment: In just under a month and a half, the first book of my favourite author's newest trilogy comes out. Finally - did I mention I am not so patient and a year is a long time to wait :-P. Seriously though,  I love this time period and I love Traci's stories so cannot wait to start this newest trilogy :)

Oh and check out the gorgeous cover!

What has gone on your Wishlist this week?


  1. Traci Harding is one of my favourite authors and I didn't know she had a new book coming out.
    Do you know if this new series links to her older ones?

    1. Yup it links to the end of the triad of being trilogy, which in turn has links to the celestial triad trilogy :)